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Everglow lamps are
built to last with solid
all-metal bodies
that stand up to the
outdoor environment.

Everlgow Lamp Accessories
and Replacement Parts

Everglow Accessories and Replacement Parts
Also Fit Many Other Brand Name Gas Lamps.

All aluminum lamps
also available
in white.
Aluminum Lamp in White

All Everglow lamps
available in gas
or electric

  Post Accessories
  1. Post. Heavy-gauge steel, 3" OD and 6' 5", 7' 9" or 10' tall. Post goes through a three-stage cleaning process that prepares the steel for dip coating and baked at 450º assuring the most durable finish.
    >Post Only
    #POB (Black), #POW (White), #POBR (Rustic Iron)
    >Post with copper tubing and 1/4" brass flare nuts.
    #POBI (Black), #POWI (White), #POBRI (Rustic Iron)
    >Post with tin lined copper tubing and 1/4" brass flare nuts.
    #POBTI (Black), #POW-TI (White), #POBRTI (Rustic Iron)

  2. Cast aluminum decorative enclosure is designed in two pieces for easy installation around existing 3" in-ground post.
    #DPB (Black)
    #WDPB (White)

  3. #LR Ladder rest with two decorative balls.
    #WLR Same as above in white

 Everglow replacement Lamp Glass
Everglow Replacement Glass
Everglow Replacement Glass

  1. #GLS-2
    Replacement glass globe for JK-6A. Also fits Charmglow model 1700. 4 5/16 inch bottom OD, 8 1/4 inch top OD, 8 5/8 inches high.

  2. #GLS Tempered Glass   8 1/4" x 7 15/16" x 4 7/16" fits Everglow HK, GG, HJ Series and Charmglow 300, 1800, 1900, 2000,and other brands.
    #GLSB Same as above with beveled edges.

  3. #GLS-1 Tempered Glass   9" x 4 1/8" x 2 1/8" fits WK-5, VK-7 and Charmglow 900 and other brands.


  1. Special Post with copper tubing, 1/4" brass flare nuts and designed to accept quick disconnect fitting for convenient use of gas BBQ grill or other gas appliances.
    #S-POB-I Black
    #S-POW-I White

  Ladder Rest
  1. 15" diameter cast aluminum base for deck/patio mount or floor display.
    #ABA Black
    #WABA White
    #ABABR Rustic Iron



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